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The HUMO™ Community - Better Together

We want to make the HUMO™ available as widely as possible through a community of customers and partners that will co-create and innovate, to develop a new form of sustainable and practical transport.

Therefore all of the design and technology documents relating to the HUMO™ are available here for you to develop into your own projects however you see fit, with no trademarks, patents or licenses whatsoever. The only proviso being that you subsequently share your own innovations back into the Community for the benefit of all.

So please bookmark this page, and check back frequently as new documents and links will be added all the time.

Read about the HUMO™ Philosophy here.

If you are interested in registering a project, or for more information, please email us now at

HUMO™ Technical Design and Development documents

110 KB

A brief introduction to the HUMO™ world.

101 KB

Some further thoughts on the HUMO™ world, introducing the concept of HUMOWAYS

823 KB

These are the designs for the folding aluminium prototype we are hoping to build.

This prototype will be covered by 'hi-vis' fabric, like the safety jackets worn by road-maintenance staff, to provide an aerodynamic, weatherproof bodywork.


3.9 MB


REV21 (Revision 21) was the second prototype, initially to be made from wood, but in the end constructed from steel.

Download this PDF for some design drawings, along with details of how this HUMO™ can be adjusted for drivers of differing heights.

754 KB


Page 1 of this document is a valid scheme, and formed the drivetrain basis of the second prototype.

The remaining pages detail the suspension design in 40mm steel which ended up being far too heavy.

4.9 MB


This is a design web format (DWF) document which allows you to to view a 3D representation of the REV21 Prototype HUMO

You can zoom in, rotate, and explode the components to explore every inch of this virtual HUMO

An online viewer of DWF format files can be found here.

3.4 MB

This patent has not been renewed, which means that all aspects of the invention it describes are freely available throughout the world.

Although not the easiest PDF document to understand, we hope that it will give you some ideas. Feel free to download to browse all of the pertinent drawings and technical information associated with the HUMO™ patent.


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